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Online Forklift training, driver operator certification for Canada and the United States. This industrial online safety training course will get your employees certified to operate an industrial electric or propane powered Forklift. 

The Forklift certification class online, is also available for onsite training across Ontario, including Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge. We will also visit select cities in the United States.

The Forklift operator online course will cover different aspects of safe operation., such as the center of gravity of the load, and the center of gravity of the Forklift. The online testing will also review specific hazards and controls when operating the equipment, as well also cover how to handle emergency situations if and when an accident should happen.

The Lift Truck operator driver training course will review the fines and penalties that could be imposed if the rules and regulations are not followed. Before any operator takes the wheel we will address the pre-shift make sure the equipment is in good working order. 

Requires a hands on evaluation by a person who is currently certified to operate a Lift Truck.  You may also require Online Propane Cylinder Exchange  If your fork trucks are propane powered

Test Completion Time

The testing online will take approximately 40-60 minutes. This varies depending on the person.

Passing Grade

You need a passing grade of 90%

Price $50 per test

Per trainee, per test.
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Online Certified Lift Truck

  • Duration :40-60 min.
  • Category:Operator Training
  • Tags: Workplace, Safety
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Yes,  online Forklift training is valid in Ontario, across Canada and the United States..
Yes, for sure because they are certified to operate a Forklift.
Yes, we can visit your workplace and do onsite training. 
Another key for the testing would have to be purchased, and the trainee would have to retake it.
Yes, if you prefer them to.

forklift safety

Manufacturing companies and small businesses rely on industrial Forklifts for lifting and transporting their product around the facility. The sheer power of these fork trucks makes them invaluable, but dangerous to personnel that are not trained properly to handle such heavy machinery.

Every year a large number of Forklift accidents happen, not just in Canada and the United States, but throughout the world. Some of these accidents are related to not doing a Forklift inspection before operating the lift truck.

Tips on inspecting a forklift

  • Check for objects on the floor in the Forklift's path
  • Overhead obstructions that could pose a problem
  • Make a mental note of objects around you to avoid
  • Inspect the tilt mechanism, make sure it: moves smoothly and  holds (check by tilting mast forward all the way, and then backward
  • Wheels and tires not worn or damaged
  • Make sure you have a fire extinguisher onboard, charged, and not expired
  • Check engine oil level, fuel, radiator water NOTE: LPG, gas and diesel Forklifts
  • The lift truck's battery is fully charged and securely in place
  • Check cables for exposed wires
  • Inspect the Forklift's battery plug connections are not loose, worn or dirty
  • The vent caps are not clogged
  • Inspect the bolts, nuts, guards, chains, or hydraulic hose reels are not damaged, missing or loose
  • Check the air pressure of pneumatic tires
  • The positioning latches are in good working condition
  • Make sure all hoses fastened securely, not loose, crimped, worn or rubbing
  • Check to make sure the carriage teeth not broken, chipped or worn
  • Make sure forks on the truck ot bent or cracked
  • Raise and lower the forks to make sure they operate smothly.
  • Make sure your chain anchor pins not loose, bent or worn
  • Check for moisture spots or drips that may indicate a leak
  • Check the horn is working and is loud enough to be heard in working environment
  • Inspect the floor brake: pedal holds, check to make unit stops smoothly
  • Inspect the dead man seat brake holds when operator liftd off his seat.
  • Parking brake holds against slight acceleration
  • The clutch and gearshift shifts smoothly
  • All the Fork Truck lights and gauges are operational
  • Review legislation requirements.and fines.
  • Pre-shift inspections.
  • The operator's responsibilities.
  • Stability triangle \ trapezoid.
  • Center of Gravity of the load & Center of Gravity of a Forklift.
  • Centre of Gravity of the load  and the Centre of Gravity of the Forklift
  • Specific hazards & controls when operating a lift truck.
  • How to respond to an emergency situation.
  • Rules, regulations and the use of the Forklift.
  • More...

After your trainee has completed the written test successfully they will be required to complete a practical (Hands-On Evaluation) . This will be completed onsite by a person that is currently certified to operate a Forklift.  Please view how our online safety courses work. Once the written test has been completed along with the driver evaluation, you will receive a digital download in the form of a pdf that will be put into your account. This certificate will be valid for 3 years.

Note: The driver operator evaluations can be completed by a supervisor or another person as long as they are certified to operate the equipment.

Fork Truck

Online Certified Lift Truck

  • Duration : 40-60 min.
  • Category:Operator Training
  • Tags: Workplace, Safety
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