Online Forklift training and onsite Forklift training will get your employees certified to operate a ForkliftForklift Review & Training Questions
Online Forklift Training Certification Test

Online Forklift Training

Online Forklift training and onsite Forklift training will get your employees certified to operate a Forklift. The online Forklift safety training course will cover different aspects of operation., such as  the center of gravity of the load, and the center of gravity of the forklift. The online forklift testing will also review specific hazards and controls when operating the equipment,. as well also cover how to handle emergency situations if and when an accident should happen.

The online forklift certification course will review the fines and penalties that could be imposed if the rules and regulations are not followed. Before any operator takes the wheel we will address the pre-shift make sure the equipment is in working order.

Requires a hands on evaluation by a person who is currently certified to operate a Lift Truck. Please review the "How It Works" page.  You may also require Online Propane Cylinder Exchange  If your fork trucks are propane powered.

Forklift Testing Outline:

  • Review legislation requirements.and fines.
  • Pre-shift inspections.
  • The operator's responsibilities.
  • Stability triangle \ trapezoid.
  • Center of Gravity of the load & Center of Gravity of a forklift.
  • Centre of Gravity of the load  and the Centre of Gravity of the forklift
  • Specific hazards & controls when operating a lift truck.
  • How to respond to an emergency situation.
  • Rules, regulations and the use of the forklift.
  • More...

After your trainee has completed the written test successfully they will be required to complete a practical (Hands-On Evaluation) . This will be completed onsite by a person that is currently certified to operate a forklift.  Please view how our online safety courses work. Once the written test has been completed along with the driver evaluation, you will receive a digital download in the form of a pdf that will be put into your account. This certificate will be valid for 3 years.

Note: The lift truck driver evaluations can be completed by a supervisor or another person as long as they are certified to operate the equipment.

Test Completion Time

Lift Truck testing online will take approximately 40-60 minutes. This varies depending on the person.

Passing Grade

You need a passing grade of 90%

Price $50 per test

You need a passing grade of 90%


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Online Forklift Training Certification Test

Why Forklift Safety Training Is Required

Many of those employed at a manufacturing facility might wonder why forklift safety training certification matters. What they might not realize is that when an employee at a manufacturing facility is trusted to use equipment like a forklift and does not know how to operate it...

Lift Truck Testing Questions

Is your online forklift training recognized in Calgary, Alberta?

Yes, it is accepted in Calgary, Alberta, as well as Edmonton, Winnipeg, Manitoba and right across Canada. Including our local customers in Hamilton, Toronto and Mississauga.

How often do I have to get retrained to keep my forklift certification valid?

Every 3 years you must recertified and and take the test over,  and get re-evaluated to stay current

I have never been certified for a forklift before, can I take your test?

Yes, as long as you get a certified person to evaluate you on the lift truck. That is currently certified to operate it.

Are the test questions "True & False"?


It says I need a forklift operator evaluation.

Yes, in order to complete your online lift truck training and get your certified card you must have an evaluation done on you by a certified person. Once that has been done and sent back to us your lift truck certification will be complete.

Is your online forklift safety course OSHA recognized?

Yes, it meets CCOHS & OSHA Standards, ANSI Standards, CSA Standards, MOL Guidelines and Regulations. Curriculum, which includes floor and aerial / scissor lift operation and safety, workplace hazards, OSHA compliance.

What's a passing grade?

You need 90% in order to pass the online forklift test.

How long does it take to get my certification card once I’ve passed?

Once you’ve passed and had your evaluation done by a certified person and faxed it back, we will upload your card (s) to your account normally within 24 hours. If the test did not require an evaluation, the card (s) will automatically be sent to your account management area..