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Walkie training / Reach truck safety training course is CCOHS and OSHA recognized.

Walkie Training Review

Walkie / Reach Truck
The online walkie training / reach truck safety course will get your trainees certified in how to safely and efficiently operate a low lift pallet truck. This will prevent injuries and property damage. Like many of our online training courses the low lift truck meets CCOHS and OSHA requirements. This course is built for a refresher so there's no slideshow with this course.

  • 34 True or False questions
  • The low lift truck does require an evaluation.

This course is built for are fresher and does not have material review before taking the test. This safety course requires a hands on evaluation. Please read the "How It Works Page"


It will take about 20 minutes for the online testing part. Then however  long it takes for you to complete your hands on evaluation with your evaluator.


Yes,  please review our safety training courses page for pricing.

3 Years, at which time you will have to get recertified.

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