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Welcome to our corporate occupational health and safety training profile for BRight Group Safety Training. In the early eighties, Bruce Russell, president and certified trainer joined the Industrial Accident Prevention Association as a safety consultant and trainer. In 1993, Bruce became an independent consultant and trainer specializing in Workplace Health and Safety Management issues. During his career, Bruce has conducted more than 4000 training sessions and numerous presentations for conferences, management organizations, labor groups and education faculties.

In 2003, we launched BNR Online Training, a sister company to accommodate the need for the rising demand of online safety training services. At the time of development Bruce realized there was a number of people in the workplace that struggled with illiteracy. Bruce developed these online certification training programs with these people in mind. Our online training is still going strong, helping companies across North America meet their safety goals. In 2021 we decided to merge BNR Online Training with The BRight Group..

Consulting & Development

If you are looking for safety consulting services, we are experienced onsite corporate health and safety consultants, with more then 35+ years helping corporations meet their workplace safety goals. We have travelled thousands of miles across Canada, Ontario, our safety consultants have made stops in Toronto, Mississauga, Markham and Hamilton over the years. Our trainers also travel throughout the United States helping our neighbors comply with their safety standards.