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Online Overhead Crane Training

The online overhead crane operator training class is one of our more popular training courses. The online overhead crane also commonly referred as sling hoist and chain hook. It is mandatory that all personal operating this type of equipment be certified. 

Using our online course to get certified  for overhead cranes is recognized in Canada, Ontario and the United States, and is great for our western clients that require online safety training in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, where trainers are a little harder to find in remote areas.

You can also book onsite safety training classroom sessions. Our staff can certify your employees onsite for the overhead crane safety course. Our instructors travel throughout Canada Ontario, and the United States.

Requires a hands on evaluation by a person who is currently certified to operate a Overhead Crane. Please review the "How It Works" page.

Overhead Cranes Review

Bright Group Safety Training, uses our vast knowledge and 35 years of experience in workplace safety training and consulting to get your employees trained and certified in the proper use and operation of an industrial overhead crane.

This sling hoist training can be administered for a new trainee or for a refresher course. The course will review the does and don'ts of an overhead crane’s operation, as well as the fines and penalties that could be imposed if an accident were to happen.

Our testing programs were specially developed to aid with illiteracy in the workplace and can work with most types of overhead cranes that you have at your facility. Including the gantry crane, jib crane or overhead bridge cranes. Other popular classes include, online Lift Truck trainingonline propane training and online Scissor Lift training

Sling Hoists

Test Review

Passing Grade

You need a passing grade of 90%

Test Completion Time

Online training time will be approximately 40-60 minutes.

Price $50 per test

You need a passing grade of 90%

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How long does it take to complete the online overhead crane certification?

If will take 40-60 minutes to complete the online test. Then you will have to complete the hands on evaluation. Please review our "How It Works" page. 

Is sling hoist the same thing?


Can I enroll an employee that's never used an overhead crane / sling hoist?

Yes, you can.

My employees need to be recertified on the overhead crane what is the process?

The onsite and online recertification is the same as a new trainee.

Do you offer onsite overhead crane certification?

Yes, we can visit your location.

Can we book onsite multiple equipment courses?

Yes, you can schedule multiple sessions. That being said, it will also depend on the number of trainees, and if we can complete the training all in one day. Please contact a safety consultant for further information.

Safety Tip:

Always make sure your overhead crane / sling hoist is inspected on a regular basis to avoid accidents and injury.