overhead crane training online
overhead crane training online

online overhead crane training

Overhead Crane hoist

Online Overhead Crane training class, is one of our more popular operator safety training courses. This industrial online Overhead Crane operator course, is also commonly referred to as a sling hoist or chain hook. It's mandatory that all personnel operating Overhead Cranes/rigging equipment be certified and compliant under the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety act, and the OSHA act in the United States.

Using our online course for Overhead Cranes will get you properly certified and is recognized in Canada and the United States. This is great option for corporate western companies that require online safety training for Overhead Cranes in the remote aeras of Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, where finding instructors to certify your employees is a little more difficult. This certification is valid for 3 years, and comes with a certificate upon successful completion. Do you require onsite training for Overhead Cranes?

Our safety professionals can certify your employees at your workplace. We have travelled throughout Canada Ontario, and the United States for over 35 years. We specialize in lifting hoists and sling rigging. Call our safety consultants today. They can get you hooked up with some in-house classes.

Test Completion Time

The testing online will take approximately 40-60 minutes. This varies depending on the person.

Passing Grade

You need a passing grade of 90%

Price $50 per test

Per trainee, per test.
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Online Sling Hoist

  • Duration :40-60 min.
  • Category:Operator Training
  • Tags: Workplace, Safety
  • Online certification course
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If will take 40-60 minutes to complete the online test. Then you will have to complete the hands on evaluation. Please review our "How It Works" page.

Yes, it is the same as overhead crane training.

Yes, our courses are geared for new trainees.

It is the same process as a new trainee. They will complete the online test, then a person that is currently certified to operate an Overhead Crane will do their hands on evaluation.

We sure do, here is the Overhead Crane Course review

Bright Group Safety Training, uses our vast knowledge and 35 years of experience in workplace safety training and consulting to get your employees trained and certified in the proper use and operation of an industrial overhead crane.

This sling hoist training can be administered for a new trainee or for a refresher course. The course will review the does and don'ts of an overhead crane’s operation, as well as the fines and penalties that could be imposed if an accident were to happen.

Our testing programs were specially developed to aid with illiteracy in the workplace and can work with most types of overhead cranes that you have at your facility. Including the gantry crane, jib crane or overhead bridge cranes. 

Sling Hoists

Test Review

  • Regulations under OSHA 49 through 64 for material handling. 
  • The Operator (Pre-Shift checks and inspection}
  • Analyzing the load and the lift of it.
  • Load capacity and the limits
  • Travelling at safe distance
  • Handling the load, moving, lifting
  • Safe Practices.
  • Basic crane operation and the controls.
  • Proper use of slings, spreader bars, grabbers, and various attachments
  • More

Online Sling Hoist

  • Duration : 40-60 min.
  • Category:Operator Training
  • Tags: Workplace, Safety
  • Online certification Course:
  • Safety Training Video

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