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How To Buy A Scissor Lift

How to buy a scissor lift and training

A scissor lift is a type of hydraulic platform. It is a platform that can lift people or goods. The main purpose of scissor lift safety training is to provide extra work space. A scissor lift or aerial lifts are  especially useful for industrial or manufacturing work that involves multiple people who need to work on the same platform. Scissor lifts can be powered with either electricity or gas.

Gas Scissor Lifts
Scissor lifts that run on diesel gasoline are also called rough terrain lifts. All gas powered scissor lifts work much better for outdoor situations. For obvious reasons, lifts that run on gas cannot be used indoors.

Electric Scissor Lifts
Many companies prefer using scissor lifts that run on electricity because they do not produce emissions and are very quiet. Electric scissor lifts are preferred for all work that is performed in a warehouse or another indoor environment.

What to Consider When Buying A Scissor Lift

Maximum Lift Height
When looking for a scissor lift to purchase, one of the most basic considerations is the height that needs to be reached when working. The buyer needs to know exactly what height they will need to reach with the lift.

The overall strength of an aerial lift is determined by platform size and how much weight can be supported. The majority of lifts can reach a maximum height of anywhere from 20 up to 50 feet. These heights are not nearly as high as what a boom lift could reach.

Lifting Capacity
This is another important metric that needs to be considered before purchase. Virtually all scissor lifts have a lift capacity of anywhere from 500 up to 2,500 lbs. The buyer must consider the average weight they will need the lift to carry on any given day.

The majority of aerial lifts can only lift people or objects straight up or down. However, some lifts have a feature that allows the platform to move horizontally. There are also lifts that can be driven while their platform is raised.

Aerial Lift Safety
Operator training is required before a scissor lift can be used. The reason why an operator must have training to operate this piece of equipment should be quite obvious. It is a requirement for operators to complete an aerial lift training program because lives are at stake when such equipment is used. It is also mandentory reqiurement by the OSHA and OHS safety boards.

This training normally consists of a proficiency demonstration and a written test. During the test, an operator will likely have to maneuver an aerial lift through a predetermined course. Safety training for the operation of this type of equipment is incredibly important. In most cases, the lift will be operated with people standing on or very close to the lift. A simple accident could lead to a lost limb or even worse.

The Dealers
It is the scissor lift dealers that are important when looking to purchase a lift. Finding a dealer that is stable and reputable will make all of the difference when it comes to finding that perfect deal. The importance of the lift dealer is very high because the dealer provides the support and service that will keep all purchased aerial lifts running smoothly.

The Elevating Work Platform's (The Names)
It is important to understand that there are quite a few different names that are used for the scissor lift. Other names include manlift, elevating work platforms, aerial work platform, skyjacks and cherry pickers. Regardless of what it is called, purchasing a good scissor lift can make all of the difference between getting a job done right and not getting it done at all. Remember, scissor lift certification is a requirement by law, you will also require Fall Arrest Training  You can call us to book onsite Scissor Lift training or take our online scissor lift training 
This article was for informational purposes and may not be accurate. Please consult an authorized scissor lift dealer when purchasing the equipment.