Jib and Gantry Crane TrainingJib and Gantry Crane Training

Jib Crane Training

Workplace Safety Training

Jib Crane Certification

Jib crane training and gantry certification has basically the same course outline as our overhead crane training.

Jib Crane & Gantry Certified Course Outline:

We will assist your employees in meeting the Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements to ensure that all your lifting device operators are competent to operate the equipment.

We will also look at upgrading the practices in which your company handles materials. If you have any safety training requirements for any other lifting devices such as' lift truck training, aerial platform training or pallet lift truck training please let us know so we can package it together for you.

  • Material Handling regulations under the OSHA 49 through 64.
  • Overhead hoist Pre-Shift checks and inspection
  • Analyze the lift
  • Load limits and capacity
  • Maintaining a safe distance
  • Lifting, moving, placing loads
  • Standard safe practices.
  • Controls and basic crane operation
  • Use of chains, slings, spreader bars, grabbers, and other attachments

Jib Crane Training Time

Half a day maximum of twenty-five (25) trainees per session. It will take approximately forty minutes per operator All training is delivered on-site and scheduled to your convenience. Whether it be off shifts, weekends, whenever and wherever.