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overhead crane training

Industrial Overhead Crane

Overhead Crane Training, serving Hamilton, Toronto, Ontario, and across Canada and  the United States. Overhead Cranes / Sling hoists are commonly used in steel plants and material handling faculties.

This type of lifting device requires the operator to be certified under the OSHA and CCOHS acts. Our classroom overhead crane training, as well as the online overhead crane operator certification course will certify and  teach your employees the safe operational procedures associated with the overhead crane.

The Overhead Crane operator safety training course covers a wide range of topics. The instructor will also have a classroom discussion regarding the occupational health and safety regulations related to overhead cranes and the responsibilities of the workers, supervisors and employers. 

Overhead crane training will increase the workplace productivity and efficiency, while reducing the risk of product damage, property damage, and accidents. 

The instructor will  review and discuss pre-shift inspections, the different types of overhead cranes, and the specific workplace hazards associated with operating this type of material handling equipment. We can also train your employees on a Bridge Crane or Jib Crane workstation.

The onsite hands-on classroom instruction is available throughout Ontario, including the cities of Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, London, Kitchener, St. Catherines, Windsor, Ontario, Canada,  as well as select cities in United States'

Overhead Crane Course

  • Enrollment Size ::
  • {10} for 1/2 day (20) full day.:
  • Duration :Theory 4 hours
  • Category:Operator Training
  • Tags: Workplace, Safety
  • Certified Instructor:
  • Safety Training Video


We can combine our online overhead crane training with our onsite train the trainer classes to get your safety coordinator certified as a train the trainer. Please contact a safety consultant for additional  information.


Yes, each Overhead Crane operator will be evaluated on the safe use of cranes/slings using equipment they will be using in their regular use of the crane hoist/slings. 

Half a day maximum of twenty-five (20) participants per session. All crane training is delivered onsite and scheduled to your convenience (off shifts, weekends, whenever and wherever).

Yes, it is easy to use, you still should read the how it works page.

The instructor will discuss various topics related to the safe operation of overhead cranes, including the safety regulations related to the overhead crane operator and the responsibilities of the employees, supervisors and employers.

The trainee will learn how to complete a proper overhead crane inspection, as well as controlling the load safely.  This safety training course whether it's online or onsite, is designed and  customized for people in the workplace struggling with illiteracy. This allows you to get your employees certified on the sling hoist in half the time of other courses. Saving you valuable time and money.

This classroom training and online testing will assist employers in meeting the Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements, to ensure the operators are competent, as well as upgrade the material handling practices within the company.

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Concepts Of The Safe Use Of Overhead Cranes

  • Material Handling regulations under the OSHA 49 through 64.
  • Overhead hoist Pre-Shift checks and inspection
  • Analyze the lift
  • Load limits and capacity
  • Maintaining a safe distance
  • Lifting, moving, placing loads
  • Standard safe practices.
  • Controls and basic crane operation
  • Use of chains, slings, spreader bars, grabbers, and other attachments
  • More
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Sling Hoist

Onsite Overhead Cranes

  • Enrollment Size ::
  • {10} for 1/2 day (20) full day.:
  • Duration : Theory 4 hours
  • Category:Operator Training
  • Tags: Workplace, Safety
  • Certified Instructor:
  • Safety Training Video

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