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Online aerial work platform training, is a certified online safety training course that provides your employees with enough knowledge and hands on operator training to be able to operate an Elevated Aerial Work Platform safely and competently. This online course is valid for across Canada, Ontario, Alberta, and the United States.

The online manlift training will meet or exceed the occupational health and safety standards of the CCOSH and OSHA. If the use of the equipment involves tree cutting, painting, cleaning windows etc., in most cases you will require online fall arrest certification. The BRight Group can also offer you Train The Trainer for Aerial Platform, Overhead Crane Training and forklift training.  We also conduct onsite safety training courses and consulting services across Ontario.  

Online Course Review

  • The operation of unsafe equipment or performing unsafe acts.
  • Online course covers fines & penalties for improper use of the equipment
  • Lifting device & mobile equipment definitions.
  • Review of the "fall arrest" requirements.
  • Pre-shift equipment inspection and work area survey requirements.
  • Review site specific hazards, and controls for safe operation of a Aerial Lift.
  • Fifteen key elements for safe operation of a "Powered Elevated Mobile Aerial Work Platform."
  • More

Commonly Asked Questions

Is online Scissor Lift Training recognized in Alberta?


Is there a course review before taking the test?

Yes, you will be shown a slideshow that will give you the necessary answers to complete the online aerial platform testing.

Do we require fall arrest training with the Aerial Platform course?

Yes, if you or your trainees are using a Aerial Lift you will also require online fall arrest certification.

Do I require an operator evaluation done?

Yes,  It has to be by a certified person. This can be anybody in your company as long as their Aerial Platform certification is current.

How soon do I receive my Scissor Lift certification card? 

As soon as you fax your operator evaluation in, your Aerial Lift certificate will be added to your account within a day.

How many questions are on the manlift test?

30 multiple choice questions.

What happens if I fail?

You would have to purchase another key and retake the test.

What happens if I get an error while taking the test?

If you encounter an error while taking the online test. You can try logging back in, putting your key back in and resuming the test. If that doesn't work, please contact the administrator @ 1-866-997-8880 EX 1 or email us.  If you are able to, please copy and paste the error in the email. .

Is this online safety training OSHA & CCOHS Recognized?

Yes, all our courses are OSHA & CCOHS recognized. If you have any concerns please contact our certified trainer @ 1-866-997-8880 EX 2 and he will gladly address your concerns.

Is manlift training the same thing?

Yes, manlift training is the same course. Some people also refer to it as Skyjack, Cherry Picker, Boom Lift, Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift .


If you are using your scissor lift for window washung, cutting trees, paining etc., you will require fall arrest training.

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