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Online Safety Training Courses & Prices

Please review our online safety training courses and pricing below and contact  us if you have any questions, whether these questions pertain to online training or onsite training.

NOTE:  Our pallet truck safety course is built for a refresher and does not have content material to review at this time. It doesn’t mean you can't take this course, but it will depend on your knowledge of the equipment on whether you can pass successfully.

All Sales Are Final
In the event of a technical glitch, your purchase key will be replaced. Some of our safety courses require an evaluation to be completed by a person who is currently certified to operate the equipment you are testing for. It is the Company's / Trainee's responsibility to obtain this person.  Please review how our online courses work.

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  • 10 Keys 5%
  • 15 keys 10%
  • 25 Keys 15%
  • 50 Keys 20%
  • Over 50 call for pricing.

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