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Fall And Arrest Training


Fall and Arrest Training

Protective Equipment Awareness

Fall Arrest Training

The fall arrest training certification will teach your trainee's how to prevent falls, when to wear fall protection equipment and how to use it. This onsite fall arrest training course will assist employees in how to properly hookup a fall protection safety harness and when to use it, connection to anchor points, the physics involved, as well the responsibilities of the employer, supervisor and the worker.

We have provided you with a little more details on certified fall protection awareness training with a complete course outline below.

Provide participants a general understanding of the safe and efficient use and care of fall arrest equipment.
Meet your obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act & Regulations.
To insure all participants are knowledgeable in when and how to use fall arrest protection.
Give each participant an opportunity to use a safety harness and adjust correctly to his or her body type.
Fall Arrest Training Course Outline:

Course Length:

One and One-Half (1 1/2) Hours

Who Should Attend Fall And Arrest Training?

All persons who are required to use fall protection devices where there is or may be a danger to workers falling. You can also package this onsite safety course with aerial platform training. Known to some people as scissor lift training.

Where Do We Train For Fall Arrest Certification?
We provide onsite training in a number of cities in Ontario and throughout North America We are proud to be serving our local cities for fall arrest training in:Oshawa, Kingston, Durham, Ottawa, London and more. Call us today to see if your city is on our list.


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