Lockput TagoutLockput Tagout Training

Lockout Tagout Training

Lockout Tagout Certification

Our lockout tagout training classes are taught by expert instructors onsite throughout Ontario including: Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, Ottawa, Kingston, Colborne area, and select cities in the United States. (Online Available}

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Course Objective

Lockout Tagout will teach your trainees how and when lockout is required on power presses, and to prevent accidents and damage caused by unexpected movement of presses and auxiliary equipment.

Classes: Who Should Attend Lockout Tagout Training

Any person(s) who will be maintaining, setting-up, cleaning machinery and/or equipment, and will be exposed to a hazard and the machine will be engaged / energized. (Punch pess operators, supervisors, and maintenance workers}

The lockout tagout certification course will teach compliance and procedures and the importance of the supervisor's role in ensuring compliance. Lockout tagout training will also review legal applications / ramifications, OH & SA related fines, penalties when not locking out machinery properly in the workplace. When booking you can combine the machine guard workshop and the accident investigations class, or any other safety course you might want to take at that time.

Classroom Review

  • Review legal applications/ramifications - OH&SA related fines & penalties.
  • Who is required to Lockout? Why?
  • Importance of the supervisor's role in ensuring compliance in locking out equipment.
  • When is it required for equipment to be locked out.
  • Identify and list sources of energy at this location and gives an example of each.
  • Review in detail your specific policies & procedures.
  • Who requires notification when lockout procedure is to be used?
  • Case study - review an actual case and discuss what could have been done to prevent the accident that occurred in the case study.
  • Learner evaluation / test.
  • Define lockout / tagout
  • Applicable Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations
  • Canadian Standards Association Z142 - 02 Code for Power Press
  • Operation: Health, Safety, and Guarding Requirements
  • Responsibilities and liability
  • Basic understanding of hydraulic and mechanical power presses
  • Different kinds of energy
  • Generic lockout procedures vs. machine specific lockout procedures
  • Safety blocking devices
  • Isolating energy sources
  • Air counterbalance considerations

Theory Test

Each trainee will be required to successfully complete a multiple choice test. (Requires a 90% passing grade). Upon successful completion your trainee will be certified for (3) years.

Course Duration

The onsite lockout tagout testing takes half day. (Classes are a maximum of 20 trainees). Contact one of our safety consultants for details.