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We are looking to have fall arrest training done onsite at multiple locations in Mississauga and Toronto, can you do this?
Yes, we can offer you fall protection training in Toronto and Mississauga. Our training also stretches across Canada and the United States.

How often do I need to recertify my employees for fall protection? 

You must get your employees recertified every 3 years.

What happens if I don’t certify my employees?
You could face fines and penalties, and possibly jail time.

How long does it take to certify my trainees for fall arrest?
The corporate fall arrest protection training takes 1 to 1 ½ hours to complete.

How many trainees in the fall arrest class?
Normally the maximum we have in one session is between 20-25 trainees.

Will we get a fall arrest certification card when the course is complete? 
Yes, each participant will receive a wallet size card.

Are your fall arrest classes recognized?

Yes, our classes meet and exceed the OSHA and OHS standards.

Once I'm trained in the Fall Protection course can I then train my employees?
No, this fall arrest training course is not intended or designed for trainers and it be should not be used for a train a trainer course.

Who is responsible for corporate fall arrest training within the company?
The responsibility falls on the employer to ensure that their workers are adequately trained and in the manner in which training is conducted also rests with the employer.

We have aerial platforms can we combined the fall arrest training with it at the time of booking?
Definitely, please inform us of this when you book your fall protection training sessions so we can accommodate you. 



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