Machine Guard Training
Machine Guard Training


Machine Guard Training
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Machine Guard Training

Machine Safety Program:

Machine guarding training, the purpose of this one-day course is to give participants the tools to create a formal machine safety program. To ensure comprehensive heath and safety guarding standards around machinery and equipment in the workplace.  This course is customized for employees with illiteracy in the workplace, cuts training time in half. We also offer lockout tagout and other industrial equipment training, as well as workplace development and management training.


Machine Guard Training Outline:

Length: Two hours.

Who Should Attend Machine Guarding?

Maintenance staff, engineering staff, intended“ Knowledgeable persons“ (Regulation 8), supervisors, safety coordinators and setup people. Any person(s) who will be maintaining, setting-up, cleaning machinery and / or equipment, and will be exposed to a hazard should the machine be engaged/ energized.

Where Do You perform Machine Guard Training?

We do onsite corporate safety training across Canada and the United States. We are proud to be servicing clients in the surrounding areas, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Toronto, London, Kitchener, St. Catherines & Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Buffalo New York and Detroit Michigan U.S.

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