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Hazardous Spills Training

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Spills Response Classes

Spills training in the workplace, where it is essential to train your employees in how to respond to spills, as well as spill prevention. With the onsite spills and response training classes we will address and identify specific materials at your location that could spill and could cause an environmental hazard, and if that were to happen the health effects that it would have if exposed to the chemical(s). We will also discuss the proper clothing and respirators required, the various adsorbents and neutralization agents. We will review the spills procedures and cleanup process. 

  • Workshop -- group identifies specific materials at their location that could spill and could cause an environmental hazard.
  • Review & discuss your current spills response procedures.
  • What is a spill under the regulations
  • Reportable quantities
  • Fines and costs associated with spills
  • Spill video "Hazardous Materials - Leaks, Drips and Spill Cleanup"

Please review the training outline. This course can be conveniently bundled with WHMIS 2015 GHS, transportation of dangerous goods, accident investigations, hazard identification training, or any other course that you require including additional health and safety management courses