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Hazard identification training classes are taught and held at your location throughout Ontario, including Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, St. Catharines and the Niagara Falls region.  Including Buffalo, New York and Detroit area.

Hazard Identification Review

 risk assessment

Hazard identification, what is it? Hazard identification is part of the process used to evaluate the environment around you if any particular situation, item or thing, etc. may have the potential to cause harm. Thisl process is often referred to as risk assessment:

Our hazard identification training program will train your employees in identifying and analyzing workplace hazards in an effort to minimze the risk of injury and occupational disease. This safety training course is suitable for employees, managers, supervisors and JHSC members This certification course will provide a basic knowledge and understanding of hazard recognition, risk assessments and control methods.

Please review the training outline. This course can be conveniently bundled with WHMIS 2015 GHS, transportation of dangerous goods, accident investigations, spills training, or any other health and safety management course that you require.