Onsite Corporate Forklift License Classes Questions
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Onsite Corporate Forklift License Classes Questions

What areas do you service? Our company needs forklift training in Toronto
We offer forklift training in Toronto, and the greater Toronto area, as well as Mississauga, and right across North America.

How much does forklift training cost? 
Please consult with our forklift trainer for pricing. This will depend on the number of people you require to be trained at the time of booking.

How many trainees does my company have to have in order to do onsite training?
Normally we require 5 people to do onsite forklift testing. Please call us to discuss this, we can make exceptions.

How long has your company been doing forklift safety training? 
We have been performing onsite corporate safety training for over 20 years and have certified thousands of people.

How long does the forklift classes take?
Please review our forklift course outline.

My employees have never operated a forklift before does this matter?
No, our forklift classes are designed for the first time operator.

Some of my employees have trouble reading and writing.
No problem, our forklift classes are specially designed for people with illiteracy in the workplace.

We have an electric forklift onsite is this ok?
Yes, we do electric and propane powered forklift training.

Do you offer propane cylinder exchange with your forklift classes?
Yes, we do offer propane cylinder exchange with this course. Please let us know at the time of booking.

Does everybody in the class pass the testing?

99% of our trainees that participate in our forklift training classes pass the testing.
There’s that 1% that we feel are not ready to operate an industrial forklift at this time. 

Do you offer online forklift certification?
Yes, please visit our sister company for online forklift testing.

How long is the forklift license valid for? 
The forklift license is valid for 3 years, after that your employees are required to get recertified. 

We have a large number of people that need to get trained do you offer corporate discounts?

Yes, please ask us about this when calling, and let us know how many you need trained.


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