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Workplace Injury Prevention

Ergonomics Course Outline

Ergonomics training in the workplace we will provide trainees with a basic understanding of the science of ergonomics and how it can be applied to cumulative trauma disorders. Resulting in easier work methods reduced injuries and improved productivity.

This ergo training program will also assist the trainee in how to effectively identify ergonomic hazards, pulled muscles, fatigue, back strains, stress etc. We will demonstrate simple techniques that can be applied by every employee in the work force to avoid these types of injuries, whether you are in an office or much more physical environment. If you sit at a computer all day, you might want to consider this program.

 Course Objective

To give participants a three (3) step model to assist in identifying potential muscular skeletal type injuries. Also to provide participants a five (5) step model, which will assist them in making recommendations to reduce the risk of the high-risk muscular skeletal type injuries.

 Ergo Classroom Material

  • Review legal applications/ramifications - OH&S related fines & penalties
  • Importance of the supervisor's role in ensuring compliance to job tasks.
  • Immediate health problems, such as pulled muscles from lifting a heavy object
  • Chronic health problems, such as repetitive strain injuries from repeating the same stressful motions
  • Injuries from fatigue or errors caused by the physical demands of the work
  • The physical demands of work
  • Workstation design
  • Tool and equipment design
  • The design of the work environment
  • Case study - Review an actual case and discuss what could have been done to prevent the accident that occurred in the case study.

Who Should Attend?

Managers, Supervisors, lead hands, and employers or employees that sit at a computer all day.

Onsite Training Locations

We will perform onsite ergonomic training for the surrounding areas, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, London, Kitchener, Toronto, St. Catherines & Windsor, Ontario, Canada,. Buffalo, New York, and Detroit Michigan U.SA.

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