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Entrapment Rescue 

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Entrapment Rescue Training

Entrapment rescue training and consulting throighout Ontario, including  Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Simcoe, Toronto, London, Kitchener, St. Catharines, Windsor and Niagara Falls, Canada. 

Entrapment Rescue Overview

Punch Press / Die Setter

Entrapment rescue training for power presses will provide a clear understanding of the component parts of both mechanical and hydraulic power presses necessary to make competent entrapment rescue decisions through theory and practical training. It will also provide a guideline for developing entrapment rescue procedures for individual presses.

Legal requirements and the CSA standard (Z142-2)

  • A clear understanding of component parts of various power presses
  • How the different power presses function
  • Reducing the risk of entrapment through guarding and lockout
  • Discussion of who is needed on the rescue team
  • Necessary rescue equipment and the rescue storage box
  • Overriding guards and controls that may delay a rescue
  • Proper use of the air counterbalance system during rescue
  • Importance of blocking the danger area and ram drifting on hydraulic presses
  • Proper use of jacks
  • Determining crankshaft position and direction of the flywheel and gears
  • First aid requirements
  • Sample entrapment rescue procedures for hydraulic and mechanical presses
  • Requirements for notification and disturbance of the accident scene
  • Actual simulation of an entrapment on the shop floor.

Suggested Participants

Press operators, millwrights, electricians, first aiders, die setters, supervisors, and group leaders.

Course Duration

One day (maximum group size is 20)