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Entering Into A Tight Space

Confined Entry Space Training

Onsite confined entry space training  will assist in fulfilling management's obligations to ensure workers are trained and competent to deal with entering into a confined space.. Reduce the risk of accidents, which results from the lack of knowledge and compliance with standard safe practices, policies, and procedures for entry into confined spaces. Please review the course outline below.

Confined Space Questions

Yes, we offer confined entry space training in Toronto, throughout Ontario and select cities in the United States. Please contact a consultant for details.

Yes, as well as a number of other health and safety consulting services.

Sure, by booking multi courses you can save time and money.

The confined space pricing will depend on the number of trainees. We can only have 10 per class, additional classes would be scheduled to accommodate the number of participants.

We have been safety trainers and consultants for over 30 years.

Confined Space Training is a must for anyone in the workplace who is required to work in high risk confined spaces

Yes,  we travel to Buffalo, NY and the Detroit area.