Accident Investigations TrainingAccident Investigations Training

Incident Investigations 

investigating accidents

 Accident Investigations Training

Incident Investigations workshop

The BRight Group offers a practical training solution for investigating workplace accidents, with emphasis on how to determine what caused the accident. This (3) hour classroom training is suitable for managers, supervisors and jobsite foremens. 

We will have a group discuusions on the direct and indirect costs of workplace accidents, when is an accident investigation required? We also take a look at and review a complete accident/Incident Investigation report according to your company's procedures. Please review the complete course outline.


  • What is an accident?
  • Direct and indirect costs of workplace accidents
  • Accidents vs. Incidents
  • When is an Accident Investigation required?
  • Who does the investigations (other specifics of your Accident Investigation Procedure)
  • Gather information
  • Immediate Causes
  • Basic/Root Causes
  • Corrective recommendations/actions
  • Case a history workshop
  • Case history and report writing
  • Complete an Accident/Incident Investigation report according to your procedures

This course can be conveniently bundled with WHMIS 2015 GHS, TODG, spills training, hazard identification, or any other safety course that you require.