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Supervisor Training Introduction:

Coaching & Counseling TechniquesSupervisor training is a two day, highly interactive class that is a learn by doing workshop, which focuses on effective communication, coaching, counselling techniques and more! It directs the attention towards those supervisors who are expected to be the problem solvers, decision makers, responsibility holders and result producers, in a daily work environment that features change, issues and ill structured problems. These supervisors feel the need to equip themselves with the tools and techniques that can help achieve greater daily success.



Course Outline::

  • How your job as a supervisor contributes to the overall growth and development of your business unit, your people and yourself.
  • How to change your leadership style in order to be flexible, adaptable and efficient.
  • The difference between coaching and counselling employees and how and when to use these skills for optimal results.
  • The essential skills relating to effective and assertive communication, positive employee feedback; and employee confrontation.
  • How to establish your credibility, confidence and authority as a supervisor.

Supervision In The Fast Lane:

  • Determining what a supervisor is and how this person impacts the three characteristics of an effective organization.
  • Determining and evaluating your natural leadership skills as a supervisor and its relevant application in the workplace.
  • Exploring the roles and functions of a supervisor and how these roles and functions affect your attitude and leadership style.
  • Understanding the "JOYS of SIX" and their application to successful supervision.


Effective Communication Skills:

  • Recognizing the need to communicate effectively with others.
  • Determining the factors, which influence communication.
    Using the necessary communication skills that get your message across.
  • Recognizing and using effective listening skills for optimal results.
  • Focusing on techniques that will allow supervisors to move from a NO situation to a YES situation.
Coaching and Counselling Techniques:
  • Recognizing the need to coach and counsel in certain situations.
  • Monitoring and changing your behaviour and the behaviour of others.
  • Achieving employee effort through the use of sound coaching skills.
  • Using counselling skills to address employee difficulties before they become serious.
  • Asserting your rights in a fair, but firm manner, while still maintaining a positive relationship.
  • Providing effective and constructive feedback.

Conflict Resolution & Confrontation Techniques:

  • Determining the reasons for conflict and confrontation with employees.
  • Recognizing and understanding the various conflict management styles and their appropriate application.
  • Confronting employees in a fair, but firm manner, while still maintaining a professional relationship.
  • Experiencing and understanding the use of the eight step conflict resolution model.
  • Planning and conducting uncomfortable interviews while gaining employee commitment.

Assertiveness & Coping Strategies:

  • Deal with difficult and at times unreasonable employees.
  • A tried, tested and true coping strategies that won't fail when executed correctly.
  • Examining what to do and not to do, when it comes to listening and responding to employees.
  • Developing your assertiveness for doing things right the first time.

Transferring Learning Back To The Job:

  • Anticipating difficulties and generating a list of possible solutions.
  • Ensuring that the learnings will get a chance to grow back on the job.
  • Setting up a partnered personal action plan that will enable you to succeed.

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