Safety Programs (Quick Reference)
Safety Programs (Quick Reference)


Safety Programs (Quick Reference)



Aerial Platform Course
Provide participants a general understanding of the safe and efficient operation of "Power Operated Mobile Work Platforms.

Accident Investigations & Injury Prevention
Accident investigations training and injury prevention for the workplace, will provide basic information on and the need to report and investigate accidents, incidents, property damage, near misses and employee concerns

Confined Entry Space Awareness
The course will give participants / employees an opportunity to practice their Confined Safe Entry procedure using their equipment, in a relaxed non-toxic environment.

Entrapment Rescue Course
To provide a guideline for developing entrapment rescue procedures for individual presses .

Environmental Spills Training
Workshop -- group identifies specific materials at their location that could spill and could cause an environmental hazard.

Ergonomics Training
To give participants a three (3) step model to assist in identifying potential muscular skeletal type injuries.

Fall And Arrest Training
 Fall and arrest safety training, when to wear protective equipment and how to use it.

Hazard Identification / Risk Management Workshop
To teach participants how to find, record and correct workplace.hazards

WHMIS Training
Provides participants a general understanding of the safe and efficient handling of Hazardous Products in the workplace.

Industrial Forklift Safety Training
The course provides participants a general understanding of the safe and efficient operation of an Industrial Powered Fork Truck, to help companies comply with OSHA regulations.

Joint Health Safety Committee (Members)
To give managers, supervisors, joint health and safety committee members the training required to become "CERTIFIED MEMBERS" on the JHSC

Lift Truck Driver Evaluation
Lift truck training / forklift operator evaluation, driver review will involve the following: All drivers completing the "driver evaluation" must have successfully completed "concepts of safe & efficient driving

Lockout Tagout
We wil teach the importance of the supervisor's role in ensuring compliance, review legal applications / ramifications - OH & SA related fines & penalties, and more.

Lock Out Tag Out - OSHA Standards & Regulations
Outlines the OSHA compliance, standards and regulalations for Lock Out Tag Out

Low Lift Pallet Truck
Participants will be shown how to identify specific health and safety hazards associated with the operation of a Low Industrial Pallet Truck.

Machine Guarding Workshop
 To give participants the tools to create a formal machine safety program.

Overhead Crane Training / Sling Operator
Assist employers to meet the Occupational Health and Safety Act requirement to ensure the operators of lifting devices are competent persons
10 & 30 Hour OSHA Training General Industry
10 hour and 30 hour OSHA compliance safety training certification, provides a variety of training on General Industry workplace health and safety.

Propane Cylinder Exchange Handling
To provide participants a general understanding of the safe and efficient handling of propane cylinder gas tanks. Commonly taken with forklift safety training

Power Presses
Will provide a clear understanding of the component parts of both mechanical and hydraulic power presses necessary to make competent entrapment rescue decisions through theory and practical training.

Punch Press Operator
Increase the knowledge of punch press operations and requirements.

Press Competency Training
Participants are required to demonstrate their ability to set up a press correctly, safely, and produce a satisfactory finished part...

Skid Steer Certification
Skid Steer safety training provides participants a general understanding of the safe and efficient operation of a Skid Steer.

Transportation Of Dangerous Goods Training
To instruct participants with respect to the requirements of the legislation for receiving, handling, transporting, or shipping dangerous goods.






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