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Lift Truck Training
Driver Evaluation Review


The lift truck training evaluation driver safety review will involve the following: All lift truck drivers completing the "driver evaluation" must have successfully completed "concepts of safe & efficient driving" training. Each driver of an industrial lift truck will be tested in the safe and efficient use of your equipment. Lift truck training whenever possible will be done during production.

This will allow us to do the trainees's lift truck training evaluation under the conditions the drivers will be required to operate their industrial lift truck./ reach truck under. Upon successful completion of the lift truck driver operator training program, participants will be "Certified" as Industrial forklift drivers. Other lifting devices we can get your employees trained in includes pallet truck training, aerial lift training and overhead cranes. Remember, besides forklift training we offer fall arrest training, lockout tagout, manlift training and many more industrial safety courses.


Tow Motor Outline:

Each Driver Will Be Required To Completes A Pre-Shift Inspection.

Observed Picking Up A Load

  • Forks at correct height
  • Smooth stopping
  • Forks level before entering
  • Load is centered
  • Load is stable for lifting and transporting
  • Load all way to heel of forks
  • Proper tilt for type of load
  • Looks before backing up
  • Stops at all blind corners
  • Proceeds with load at safe height
  • Proceeds at safe speed
  • How to deal with obstructed view

Observe Tow Motor Driver Operator Stacking A Load

  • Approach with load down
  • Looks behind before backing out
  • Raising load
  • Smooth operation
  • Levels load before putting in place
  • Gently places
  • Insures all people are at a safe distance
  • Aware of rear end swing

Propane Cylinder Exchange Observation (If Applicable)

  • Review physical characteristics of an on site propane tank
  • Complete overview of tank condition ( O-ring, collar, dating, soap solution check, etc.)
  • Lift Truck Training will require all participants to change a propane tank on an industrial lift truck, or propane heater (site specific) in a competent manner.
  • review evaluation form with participant.


Parking A Fork Truck:

  • Forks flat
  • Tilt forward
  • Parking brake on


Here's a list of the more common lift truck types being used. Arranged from the smallest type of lift truck to the largest:

  • Hand Pallet Truck
  • Walkie low lift truck (powered pallet truck, usually electrically powered)
  • Rider low lift truck
  • Towing Tractor
  • Walkie Stacker
  • Rider stacker
  • Reach truck (small forklift, designed for small aisles, usually electrically powered, so-named because the forks can extend to reach the load)
  • Electric counterbalanced truck
  • IC Counterbalanced Truck
  • Sideloader
  • Telescopic Handler
  • Walkie Order Picking Truck
  • Rider Order Picking truck (commonly called an "Order Picker"; like a small forklift, except the operator rides up to the load and transfers it article by article)
  • Articulated Very Narrow Aisle Counterbalanced trucks (commonly called "Flexi or Bendi Truck")
  • Guided Very Narrow Aisle truck - 'Man Down' (a type of reach truck designed for aisles less than five feet wide) and 'Man Riser' Combination pickcle Picker/ Stacker truck
  • Truck Mounted Forklift / Sod Loader


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