Joint Health & Safety Committee Certification Training


Joint Health & Safety Committee Certification Training (JHSC)

JHSC certification

(JHSC) Members Objective:

Joint health and safety committee training will give managers, supervisors,members the training required to become "CERTIFIED MEMBERS" on the JHSC.

To give managers, supervisors, JHSC member’s basic and consistent training which will assist them in developing, implementing and maintaining an effective health and safety program.

What is a joint health and safety committee?

(JHSC) is a forum for bringing the internal responsibility system into practice. The committee will consist of labour and management representatives who meet on a regular basis to discuss and deal with health and safety issues. The advantage of a (JHSC) is that the in-depth practical knowledge of specific tasks such as labour is brought together with the larger overview of company policies, and procedures (management). Another significant benefit is the enhancement of a co-operative attitude among all parts of the work force toward solving health and safety related problems. In smaller companies with fewer than a specified number of employees a health and safety representative is generally required. Please consult the health and safety legislation for details.

This committee may also referred to as the Industrial Health and Safety Committee, Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee, Occupational Heath Committee, Workplace safety and health committee, or Health and Safety Committee.


OHAS Act Objective:

To teach a basic understanding of the duties, responsibilities and obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.



To give participants an understanding of how an effective joint health and safety committee functions by examining the roles, responsibilities, and rights of a committee under the Occupational Health and Safety Act



Accident Investigation


Workplace Inspection


Recognizing Health And Safety Hazards:


To teach participants methods of recognizing health and safety hazards and tools available to assist them in this recognition.



Ergonomics Overview

Registration and Materials: In order for participants to become CERTIFIED we must use their (Health and Safety Agency) materials and all participants must complete an evaluation (test min. score 65%). The fee for the materials, registration and evaluation is $50.00 per person and we can show you how this process works and what agency to order the materials from.

Course Length: Two (2) Days

Where Do Our Trainers Train For Joint Health & Safety Committee?

Our head office is based in Grimsby, Canada, Ontario. We are proud to serve the surrounding areas of Hamilton, Burlington, Dundas, Ancaster, Oakville, Toronto, St. Catharines, Kitchener, London, Windsor, plus Buffalo (New York), Detroit (Michigan)


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