Workplace Accident Investigations Workshop
Injury Prevention Training

Accident Investigations

Accident investigations training and injury prevention for the workplace, will provide basic information on and the need to report and investigate accidents, incidents, property damage, near misses and employee concerns. As with most of our other unique courses, this one is also customized for people who have trouble reading and writing, which reduces your training to half the time of similar programs.


 Accident Investigations Workshop (Course Outline)

What is an accident


Length Of Workshop:

Three (3) Hours

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

All Managers, Supervisors, and JHSC Members involved in Accident Investigations.

Where Is Your Training Performed?

We will do accident investigation and injury prevention training onsite. we are proud to be offering our corporate safety training services to the surrounding areas, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Toronto, London, Kitchener, St. Catherines & Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Buffalo New York and Detroit Michigan U.S.

Our professional consultants with years of dedicated service and experience are waiting to assist you. Let us help you get trained in workplace accident investigating, or the prevention of accidents and injuries. You might want to checkout our ergonomics training as well. It's always nice to be prepared.







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